About us

Meet new people. Join a hike. Learn new things.

Our Mission

  • To unite people of similar interests in outdoor pursuits
  • To help, teach, and broaden the knowledge base of all members
  • To promote interest in the foothills and mountainous areas of Alberta
  • To enjoy the beauty of nature with friends

Club Meetings

2022 Meeting:

The club met on November 9th at 7:00 pm at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre

Club meetings may include: Intros, club business, new member sign up, guest speakers, and presentations.

Club meetings are open to the public.

Trip coordinator and exec meetings

Trip Coordinators meet on the 3rd Wednesday of February to start putting the summer activities schedule together and they meet on the 2nd Wednesday of September for the winter activities schedule. 

The CAMC Executive meets periodically.

Club History

The Central Alberta Mountain Club was founded on March 8, 2000 by a group of individuals wishing to share in their interests of the outdoors. The club was formed by an organizing committee which evolved into the Executive positions we have today. Alternate names considered for the club included Gaetz Lakes Hiking Club and Kerry Wood Mountain Club. By July 2000 club membership had already topped the 100 mark.

In 2002 the CAMC became involved in the Government of Alberta’s Adopt-A-Trail Volunteer Maintenance Program. A sign with the club name and logo can be found at the Kinglet Lake/Tuff Puff trailhead in David Thompson Country.​​

In 2005 the CAMC participated in the historic Alberta Centennial Mountain Expedition and placed a new summit canister on Mount Chester in Kananaskis.

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