CAMC Membership form
A family is one or two adults living at the SAME address and all children under 18
Do you give authorization to have your personal information included in the club distribution list which is distributed via email to all club members?
CENTRAL ALBERTA MOUNTAIN CLUB TRIP WAIVER AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT A Trip is defined as starting when the group gathers to commence the activity (i.e, at the trail head) and ends when the group arrives at the planned end point. In consideration of being permitted to participate in all trips planned for the Central Alberta Mountain Club during this current year’s membership, until the 31st of March of the above stated year, I agree to assume all risks in participating in the trips and I hereby for myself, my next of kin, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, release and forever discharge the Central Alberta Mountain Club, members of the executive, trip coordinators and trip participants (collectively referred to as the “Club”) from any and all lawsuits, causes of action, claims or demands of any nature, howsoever caused, including, but not limited to, negligence contributed to or occasioned by the Club including: failure of trip equipment, death or injury to myself, or any loss/damage to my property arising out of, or in connection with my participation in the Trip and all arrangements made thereto. This waiver is not construed as a release of the driver of any vehicle with respect to any cause of action that may arise as a result of the operation or use of a motor vehicle. I recognize and acknowledge the possibility of damage or loss to my property and injury or death to myself and I further recognize and acknowledge risks and hazards involved in my participation in the Trip, including but not limited to such hazards as travel in general, wildlife incidents, sudden changes in weather, falls, failure of Club equipment, the possibility of becoming lost, hypothermia, error judgement of the trip coordinator or group and all other hazards associated with hiking, wilderness travel and all other activities arising out of or in connection with the Trip and I agree to assume all such risks and hazards, and I further agree to bear all costs of search, rescue or medical attention rendered to me or in connection with me arising from the Trip. I herby agree to conduct myself according to the Bylaws of the Club. I agree to the use of photos of myself and/or family by the Club on the CAMC website and or Facebook page. If I do not agree to the use of photos of myself or family, I accept full responsibility to let persons in my group know of my said wishes. I give authorization to have my personal contact information included in the club distribution list with is distributed via email to all club members and is not to be shared, sold or used for private gain. I HAVE READ THIS WAIVER AND THE ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT. I UNDERSTAND IT AND I ACCEPT ITS TERMS.